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Welcome To Theta Health

Kareen - Owner of Theta Health Hi, my name is Kareen and I want to welcome you to Theta Health - online health shop. From an early age I found my purpose in life which was to “make people healthy and happy” and I do this through Theta Health. I've been running Theta Health since 2008 and have gained years of experience in helping my customers.

Theta Health is not just about selling natural health products it is a whole lot more! Of course my nutritional supplements do play a huge part in helping people lead better healthier lives, through healthy living, but there is also education, education on health, living, and how to improve one’s condition for the better.

The purpose of Theta Health is to provide people with a source of health and wellness products and useful information that can help and benefit them in their lives so they can be happy and lead happy lives. You can achieve this by using my health products, learning through my health articles and health blog and using my natural remedies for your health problems.

About My Supplements and Health Products

I supply high quality nutritional supplements and natural health products to health shops, pharmacies, fitness centres, alternative health practitioners and individuals wanting a premium product that promotes health. I do not sell or promote products that are of sub-quality and of no real value to improving health. The supplements and products I sell I can personally recommend, as I use them myself, daily. I am for and promote health and wellness for individuals and provide only the best of what nature provides, that which is needed for our bodies and mind.

Spread some health and happiness...
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