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5 Tips: How To Overcome Learning Difficulties (Easily)

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It’s exciting! You want to learn something new that you’re interested in. You want to learn so you can gain new abilities to help you get on in life or in a new career. You start off all keen, bright and enthusiastic, and everything seems easy at the start of your studies.

But as time goes by you become disinterested, not so bright, or even thinking about quitting your studies.

You may be a parent who has young children or maybe a parent with older kids – teens perhaps – who are not so excited about going to school as they used to when they were younger. You have to drag your child out of bed in the morning to go to school.

But have you ever wondered WHY that excitement, that interest seems to dwindle?

There is a REASON for this drop in interest in learning and learning problems.

What Causes Learning Difficulties?

Learning difficulties affect anyone, there is no discrimination when it comes to learning problems. Children, teens and adults alike can be affected with learning disabilities no matter where they come from or their background.

The main problem lies in MISUNDERSTOOD WORDS.

A misunderstood word is a word or even a symbol the learner hasn’t FULLY understood or made sense of.

The misunderstood word can be a difficult word such as a mathematical word, or a common word that one “already knows” but when asked to explain what it means they actually can’t.

It can also be a symbol that the learner hasn’t understood what it means.

Not understanding words can make a learner:

  • Feel stupid
  • Become slow on study
  • Give up studying
  • Become troublesome
How to Overcome Learning Difficulties
To overcome a learning difficulty one must make sure the learner understands ALL the words and symbols they come across in their studies.

How do you do this? Simple!

The learner should use a good dictionary in their studies to help them understand words and symbols.

When reading any book or text the learner must stop when they come across a word or symbol they didn’t FULLY understand and look it up in the dictionary to get an understanding of it.

Image courtesy of Palanga Publishing creator of the My Maths Buddy dictionary.

5 Tips To Improve Concentration and Reduce Learning Difficulties

Aside from making sure you look up ALL of your misunderstood words in a good dictionary to help improve your learning ability; here's some tips you can also do:

  1. Get enough sleep so you feel rested and more able to study
  2. Eat the right foods to give your body, brain and mind the correct energy they need to focus
  3. Reduce or remove sugar and junk food from your diet
  4. Read - reading books even if a simple book can help improve your focus, vocabulary and understanding of words
  5. Study in a distraction-free area if needed

Supplements For Improved Concentration While Learning

To help students concentrate and overcome learning difficulties, a special formula of vitamins and minerals was developed.

Maxi Mind is a brain food. It provides the brain with the exact nutrients it needs and helps with:

  • Improved concentration
  • Increased ability to focus
  • Reducing attention problems

The source of the "Misunderstood Word" is based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard

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