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Heat Exhaustion - Signs, Symptoms and Prevention

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Heat exhaustion means that your vital organs aren’t getting enough blood. With less blood available, you will feel light-headed and weak.  

Other symptoms include cool, pale, clammy skin; thirst; headache; nausea; a fast, weak pulse; fatigue; confusion; and anxiety.

If you’ve taken steps to relieve heat exhaustion but your symptoms get worse or don’t improve after 30 minutes, get medical help without delay.

Heat exhaustion may lead to heatstroke, a condition in which your body temperature elevates to dangerous levels.

The signs of heatstroke range from confusion to unconsciousness; slurred speech; very hot, flushed skin; rapid pulse; headache; dilated pupils; and muscle spasms.  

Heatstroke is serious and needs medical attention.

With heat exhaustion your body becomes too hot, because you haven’t been drinking enough fluids to keep it cool. You’re likely to become pale, feel dizzy, nauseated, and thirsty, with an extreme headache.

If you’re outside and start experiencing those symptoms, go inside, preferably where it’s air-conditioned and start drinking lots of fluids, either water or a sports beverage.

If you don’t feel any better within 30 minutes then seek a doctor.

Preventing heat exhaustion comes down to common sense – drink plenty of liquids, exercise during the coolest times of the day, and wear loose clothes that helps keep you body cool, including a hat. You can also use a natural heat exhaustion remedy.

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