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Sharing A Corporate Wellness Day With Mobile Fitness Solutions

Published by in Health News ·
Tags: CorporateWellnessMobileFitnessSolutions

On Friday we had the honor to be invited to a corporate wellness day at a company in Bryanston, set up by Mobile Fitness Solutions.

It was a great day where the staff of the company were introduced to alternative health methods and of course our own natural health products.

There was also a ZUMBA session for the staff.

This is Kareen waiting patiently

And again but with a smile :)

Getting ready for the ZUMBA lesson

The staff getting their ZUMBA steps training

Kareen getting all excited with a slight hop and step to the music

And they're off

The Zumba Instructor taking the staff to the limits. It wasn't just a 5 minute play around either, but a real 20 minute workout.

The staff getting into the spirit of it all despite the very hot day and all that sweat.

If you're interested in getting fit then find a personal trainer in your area.

We would also like to thank Mobile Fitness Solutions for a great day.

If you want a personal trainer to come to your home or want your staff to be more efficient at work then contact Mobile Fitness Solutions.

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