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+ Are You Getting The Best Quality Moringa You Can?

Published by in Diet and Nutrition ·
Tags: MoringaMoringaQualityBestMoringaQuality

If you follow health news then you're probably aware of Moringa as a Super Food and how nutritious it is with the high quantity of nutrients it has.

But are there different qualities and standards of Moringa?

The best moringa product depends on a number of factors mentioned here:

Location and Climate Help Produce the Best Quality Moringa

Does the Moringa come from a place where it naturally grows; or has it been grown in unnatural factory-type conditions, or a location not suited to the moringa plant?

Moringa grows in the locations it grows because that is the ideal climate for it. If you change the location, do you change the quality of the moringa?

Soil Type Helps Produce A High Quality Yield of Moringa

Has the moringa been grown in a soil type that prevents the moringa tree to develop as it should?

The soil type is a governing factor for producing the best quality moringa. If the soil type doesn't have the right elements to "feed" the tree, this will reduce the moringa tree's ability to produce a high quality yield.

Other Ways of Growing Moringa

The only chance for growing moringa outside its natural climate is to grow it under controlled conditions - approximating the natural climate.

This raises the question - will the moringa still produce a high quality yield?

Also, growing moringa scientifically (under controlled conditions) may also raise the price, also with the potential of having a lower quality product - from not being grown naturally.

So there is a lose-lose situation.

Watch Out For Low Quality Moringa Products

The problem with lower quality moringa is in the way it has been badly cultivated and manufactured, losing that high strength moringa is commonly known for.

Many poorer quality moringa products have been manufactured from moringa plants that have been moved to, or, grown in areas not consistent with the natural climate they need.

The result of this is the parts of the moringa tree (leaves, roots, seeds, etc.) don't have the best quality produce as a tree that grows in its natural surroundings. The standard of cultivation of moringa is important

Good quality moringa powder is a beautiful green colour as opposed to a brownish poorer quality moringa seen from some countries using bad processing standards.

See the difference in the photograph of good and bad quality moringa. The green colour on the left is what you should be looking for when wanting to buy the best quality moringa and not the brown colour.

How Does The Quality of Our Moringa Hold Up?

The moringa used in our products is grown in its natural rural areas away from pesticides and chemicals.

It is grown in the exact soil type to produce a high quality yield of moringa.

Our moringa undergoes regular scientific tests to ensure it contains the high potency nutrient values that moringa is famous for.

These strict laboratory tests on our Moringa check for TMA (Total Microbial Activity), Escherichia Coli, Yeast, Mould, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus Aureus.

These tests prove our Moringa is of high quality, to scientific standards, ensuring our customers get the best moringa available.

Moringa Quality Laboratory Report

Having these high quantities of nutrients benefits those that need it for health problems, or those that simply want to benefit from it generally for health.

We have the best quality moringa in powder and capsule form as well as other high quality moringa products.

Try our High Quality Moringa Products and see for yourself.

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