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CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution

CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution

CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution is a pathogenic micro-organism oxidizer - in other words it is a natural body disinfectant.

What does CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution do?

• Kills viruses, bacteria, candida and parasites in your body
• Neutralizes heavy metals in your body that cause illnesses
• Stimulates the Immune System
• Eliminates biofilm

Vegan Friendly
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Pathogenic Micro-organism Oxidizer

190.00 R

CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution can be used for:

Bacterial Infections


Chest Infections




Thrush / Candida

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For children, senior citizens, diabetics, high blood presure and chronic illness, start with 1 drop dose not more than twice a day and slowly proceed.
NOTE: Do not take any vitamin C or anti-oxident supplements in conjunction with your CDS drop dose, it will neutralise the action of the drops.
Pathogens removed through the internal use of CDS (as when you drink it) can only get out of the body by passing through the liver and on to elimination. This works fine until you reach the (temporary) nausea barrier. Nausea indicates that it is killing more pathogens than the elimination system can handle, resulting in temporary-but-serious nausea. If this occurs revert back to drops of previous day's dosage, do not stop, continue when better.
CAUTION: Do not use if pregnant or lactating.
Directions for Use:
1. Premix 1 litre for daily use.
2. Start with 10 drops per litre and drink equal proportions of bottle every 1 hour for 9 hours.
3. Day 2 - Increase to 20 drops per litre and drink equal proportions of bottle every 1 hour for 9 hours.
4. Day 3 - Increase to 30 drops per litre and drink equal proportions of bottle every 1 hour for 9 hours per day.
5. Maximum of 30 drops per litre for 21 days.
Any extreme symptoms of nausea, dizziness, headaches and diarrhoea occur, revert back to drops of previous day's dosage, do not stop, continue when better.
Excellent results with douche and emema
1. 10 drops in 500ml of water makes an excellent douche for women.
2. 10 drops in 500ml of water makes an exellent enema.
NOTE: Taking vitamin C will neutralize CDS.
Hi Kareen, between Friday and Monday morning, Thuli (my daughter) took aprox 150 drops of CDS and the rash, my wife suspected measels, is gone, headache gone, feeling weak gone. Great stuff this CDS. Thanks a lot Kareen, your advice was spot on. Bruno - Customer
I would like to thank you for recommending the CDS to me. I woke up in the morning and my whole body was sore. I had a headache, cramps, coughing, sore throat, I was sweating, freezing, felt dizziness, loss of appetite and was in pain the whole day. The next morning after taking the CDS for the previous day I realised I was completely healed! Guys the CDS works! The headache stopped, I wasn’t feeling any pain, I felt I was back to normal! CDS is the best! It kills everything no matter how big or small. I will always recommend CDS to my family and friends. Joyce - Customer
How Does CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution Work?

To understand how Chlorine Dioxide Solution works you have to first understand the structure of a Pathogen.

Almost all Pathogens have outer membranes (skins) and these disease causing micro-organisms generate waste material that is poisonous and creates the symptoms of whatever diseases the pathogens cause. These poisons have mostly a negative charge and have a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential.

Oxidation Reduction Potential And Oxidization

The oxidation power of an oxidizer is measured in Electrical Potential, usually in millivolts. Of the oxidizers that have been used in the human body:

Ozone is the strongest oxidizer used in the body with an oxidation potential of 2070 millivolts.

Hydrogen Peroxide is the second strongest used in the body and has an oxidation potential of 1800 millivolts.

Oxygen itself has an oxidation potential of about 1300 millivolts.

Chlorine Dioxide has the lowest oxidation potential of all with 950 millivolts and is the weakest oxidizer used in the body.

Each oxidizer is known not only for what it can oxidize but also what it cannnot, such as beneficial or good bacteria. Chlorine Dioxide Solution cannot oxidize anything else in the body other than pathogens (viruses and bacteria).

How Pathogens Are Killed By Chlorine Dioxide Solution

The poisons created by pathogens, as mentioned earlier, mostly have a negative charge and a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential. The oxidation potential of chlorine dioxide is positive - it has to be to be able to do any oxidizing. The negative charge of the pathogen attracts the positive charge of the Chlorine Dioxide Solution and this kills the pathogen. The good bacteria make no poisons and therefore have no negative charge.

Chlorine Dioxide Solution is extremely explosive to the outer membranes of these disease-causing micro-organisms.

CDS does not affect the friendly bacteria in your body, or any other healthy cells. It is one of the same chemicals that your body's immune system manufactures to kill viruses, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms in your body.

Chlorine Dioxide Solution cannot heal or cure your body of health problems. Once it destroys the viruses or bacteria in your body, healing can take place, especially with living a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition and exercise. The body's own mechanisms trigger healing, nothing else.

I had tried the hydrogen peroxide therapy twice before I found CDS. While the oxygen therapy was good, the process of gulping down the peroxide (in volume) three time a day got to me so much that I quit the first time, right at the highest dosage because I couldn’t confront the strong bleach taste and smell. Also the hydrogen peroxide method is extreme and brings a flood of toxins to the surface too quickly; the CDS program is gentler, runs deeper and in a sense is more effective. When I started the CDS course I immediately noticed the good effects (my resurgence in energy) even while at the beginning stages of the program. The procedure of sipping small amounts all day got me into such a good routine that I dropped out all tea and coffee while on the program. (This also contributed to the feeling of wellbeing!) This therapy makes you sleep so well that your tension levels go way down. I was less on edge and highly strung while on it and for some time after the course. What really was noticeable for me was that upon rising I had my old get-up-and-go back and I was ‘op and wakker’ ready to take the day on. The effects for me were subtle and in a sense undramatic but I was well aware that I had achieved an overall physical resurgence. Life is good today….  Thanks Kareen!   Tony - Customer
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Pathogenic Micro-organism Oxidizer

190.00 R
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