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Hair Loss Treatment: The Natural Way

Hair Loss Treatment

Is your hair your crowning glory? Or is the beany or hat you wear crowning a glory?

Your hair is a living picture of your general health. In fact, doctors have long known that the condition of hair can supply some pretty good clues as to what might be ailing you.

Prolonged mental tension and emotional upset are also reflected by the hair. Experiencing a sudden shock can literally make your hair stand on end; prolonged tension can lead to hair loss and partial baldness in some people.

10 Sure Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

1. Feed the hair follicles the nourishment they need. Natural remedies for hair loss may be used if you are not getting proper nutrition.

2. Invest in a good comb and hair brush. Most people underestimate the value of a great comb and brush as they are unaware of what these hair tools do for you. The proper comb and brush assist in keeping a healthy head of hair.

3. Never flip the ends of your hair with your comb or brush, this causes split broken ends. Use slow straight down and out strokes with a smooth slow motion.

4. Ensure your scalp has good circulation – sleep on a small pillow so that the blood can reach your scalp to feed the hair follicles. If you have circulation problems, try this simple exercise once or twice daily. Lie flat on your back across a bed or couch and let your head hang backwards over the edge so that it is lower than your body. This position eases the flow of the blood to your scalp and brings valuable oxygen and nutrients to the follicles.

5. Never comb or brush your hair when wet. Wet hair can break easily and be damaged.  Towel dry your hair until it’s damp, then carefully brush lightly and very gently. Never pull or stretch your hair.

6. Hot curlers should only be used if you use end papers to protect the hair. They are the worst enemy for long hair. With short hair you can keep cutting off the damaged ends.

7. Use a good natural shampoo, cream rinse or conditioner that will make combing out a smooth easy task.

8. Over drying the hair can cause damage to your hair, and in some causes brittle hair. Learn how long it takes to dry your hair, and time it to avoid damage.

9. Trim or cut your hair regularly, especially if you are trying to grow your hair long. This also prevents split ends before they spread up the hair shaft.

10. Hair tends to grow faster when we get adequate nutrition, stimulation and rest, so be sure to sleep at night and stimulate new hair growth.

The Link Between Poor Nutrition and Hair Loss
There are certain foods, vitamins and minerals necessary for fast growing healthy hair and as a natural hair loss treatment. Many laboratory tests have proven that without certain specific nutrients, healthy hair is impossible for anyone.

Should you be interested in a hair loss treatment and having the most beautiful hair possible and avoid hair loss, you must give your hair its own special dietary attention, just as you would care for your skin and body to keep it healthy and youthful looking.

Sadly, many of today’s modern methods of preservation and preparation rob the food we eat of its rich source of nutrients. Chemical additives, processing methods, even over cooking food may deplete our daily diet of the very vitamins and minerals we need for good health and luxurious hair.

In addition, the use of alcohol, nicotine, excessive amounts of white refined sugar and junk foods may make it more difficult for your body to absorb these nutrient elements into the system.

For a natural hair loss treatment to combat this problem and to obtain the luxurious beautiful healthy hair we all want, we must concentrate on three basic things:

1. Eat as much unprocessed natural foods as possible

2. Cook your food as little as possible, i.e. eat 60% raw foods

3. Take a multi vitamin supplement to provide vital nutrients that you may not be getting from the food you eat

Some hair loss causes that you should know if you wish to retain a head of healthy hair:

1. Salt – keep it off the dinner table

2. Alcohol – it does not allow many nutrients to assimilate properly into the body

3. Sugar – too much refined sugar destroys the vitamin B family

4. Smoking impeded circulation. Notably circulation is one of the main factors necessary for proper hair growth

5. Stress – prolonged stress may cause the depletion of important hair stimulating vitamins and minerals

6. Crash dieting has alarming side effects. Many women follow the latest diet fads and experience hair loss

Understanding The Causes Of Hair Loss
Baldness or loss of hair is referred to as “alopecia”. "Alopecia totalis" means loss of all the scalp hair. "Alopecia universalis" means loss of all body hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes.

If your hair falls out in patches, it is termed "alopecia areata". This condition is usually temporary and rarely leads to baldness. But, clearly one needs to pay attention to what is happening and what the body is signalling.

The factors that are involved in hair loss include heredity, hormones, and aging.

Researchers have yet to determine the exact cause of hair loss, but some scientists believe that the body’s immune system mistakes hair follicles for foreign tissue and attacks them. Many suspect a genetic component.

A less dramatic, but more prevalent, type of hair loss is male baldness. (AGA) androgenetic alopecia, is common amongst men. As the name implies, a genetic or heredity predisposition to the disorder and the presence of androgens – male – sex hormones – are involved in this condition.

Research indicates that the hair follicles of individuals who are susceptible to AGA may have receptors programmed to slow down or shut off hair production under the influence of androgens.

Often women experience the same type of hair loss as men, but it is usually not as extensive and most often does not occur until after menopause. All women experience some hair thinning as they grow older, especially after menopause, but in some it begins as early as puberty. In addition most women lose some hair two or three months after having a baby due to hormonal changes.

There is a species of tiny mites (Demodex Follicularum), that may be the cause of, or a contributing factor to balding.

Such mites are present in virtually all hair follicles by the time the person reaches middle age, and in most cases cause no harm. If the body initiates the inflammatory response as it tries to reject the mites, can also harm the hair in the process.

In addition to heredity factors that promote hair loss include; poor circulation, acute illness, surgery, radiation exposure, skin disease, sudden weight loss, high fever, iron deficiency, diabetes, thyroid disease, drugs such as those used in chemotherapy, stress, poor diet, ringworm and other fungal infections, chemicals such as hair dyes and vitamin deficiencies.

Scalp Massage and Oxygen - How do these Contribute as a Hair Loss Treatment?
To have the most glamorous, healthy, strong and shiny hair you must feed the hair from inside and treat your hair from the outside at the same time.

Scalp massage is an important hair loss treatment for the growth and health of your hair. The roots are fed by many small blood vessels. These blood vessels bring oxygen and food to the roots and carry away carbon dioxide and other waste.

Massaging your scalp regularly stimulates hair growth, and hair grows faster. Without massage, hair growth slows down and hair follicles may eventually die off.

Proper hair stimulation such as massaging, brushing and combing create scalp stimulation that may correct hair problems, as it brings blood flow to the papilla, (the papilla is the very bottom portion of the hair follicle that contains the blood supply).

New hair growth takes place in the papilla. It starts to grow under the old hair shaft and eventually “pushes” out the old hair. Meanwhile, until the papilla develops another full-grown hair, it feeds the existing hair through its network of blood vessels coming from elsewhere in the body.  

So you can see why the health and beauty of your hair is dependent on the nutrition you feed it, the oxygen you give it and the circulation of the blood to the papilla. Proper nutritional intake helps the production of a richer flow of blood.

Natural Hair Loss Treatment Products for Men and Women
Very damaged hair needs to grow out as damage is already inflicted on the hair (i.e. over-processing, sun damage, incorrect styling, and use of harsh shampoos without proper conditioning).

To help with hair growth and prevent hair loss, you need to follow the recommendations above and start living a healthy lifestyle. You can also use natural hair loss remedies and supplements to replace what your body is deficient.

Natural Remedies for Hair Loss
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