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4 Allergies: Herbal Allergy Medicine

Herbal Allergy Medicine

4 Allergies herbal allergy medicine is a blend of African herbs traditionally used for the relief of allergies.

What does 4 Allergies do?

• Reduces allergy symptoms
• Prevents allergic reactions
• Anti-microbial properties
• Anti-allergic properties

Vegan Friendly
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4 Allergies

4 Allergies

Herbal Allergy Medicine

50ml Tincture

134.00 R Add

4 Allergies can be used for:





Preventing Anaphylaxis


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I have a very high allergy count of 325. According to my doctor 15 is the count for normal allergies. I am deadly allergic to eggs. Also allergic to maize, citrus and tropical fruit, horse hair, grass, pollen, house plants and margarine. Smoke makes it worse. The past 3 years I also suffer from Bronchial asthma especially in Winter. I drink an antihistamine every day for the past 28 years. When seasons change, I usually get sinusitis. The antihistamine made me sleepy and thirsty. I have been using 4 Allergies for about 2 weeks now and I feel much better and I have no symptoms of hay fever that I usually have at this time of year and no post nasal drip. I will definitely recommend this product. In fact I am selling it to my customers with confidence at my herbal shop. Annelie Engelbrecht

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