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4 Pain Spray: Herbal Pain Relief Spray

Herbal Africa 4 Pain Spray - Herbal Pain Relief Spray

4 Pain spray is a fast effective herbal pain relief spray. This spray is made from an African herb used to treat external sores, cramps, muscle aches and pains.

What does 4 Pain Spray do?

• Rapidly alleviates pain
• Reduces inflammations
• Reduces swellings
• Improves circulation

Vegan Friendly
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Herbal Pain Relief Spray

111.00 R

4 Pain Spray can be used for:

Pain Relief

Reduce Inflammation



Muscle Pain

Joint Pain

Back Pain
Sports Pain Injuries
Leg Cramps

Foot Pain

Muscle Cramps

Arthritis Pain

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Recommended use:
Spray and rub evenly over the affected areas as often as necessary. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

Contra Indications

Not to be used during pregnancy. Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients or plant species.

4 pain Spray contains no chemicals or preservatives.

African Cumus
Alcohol Extracts
More About 4 Pain Spray: Herbal Pain Relief Spray
4 Pain Spray is made from the African herb African Cucumis, a herb used throughout topical Africa for various ailments.

African Cucumis contains active ingredients cucurbitacins a bitter substance with anti-inflammatory properties that helps to get rid of infectious ailments, pain and inflammation, making this herbal pain relief spay ideal.

The ingredients of this herbal spray have also been used for skin complaints, gonorrhoea, malaria, parasites, viral hepatitis, worms and cancers.

The Benefits Of Using 4 Pain Spray

4 Pain Spray herbal pain spray is perfect for athletes, runners, fitness enthusiasts, gymnasts and anyone that places large amount of physical strain on their body. It is also ideal for everyday sprains and aches and for elderly people with worn out muscles and body-parts.

Using this herbal spray on a regular basis can bring under control ailments such as; muscle pain, neck pain, bumps, bruises, sore or swollen limbs and body parts and join pains. It's also a great herbal pain relief for back pain.

With no chemicals or preservatives, 4 Pain Spray is the best herbal pain relief spray that naturally brings instant pain relief.
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Herbal Pain Relief Spray

111.00 R
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