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Thrive: Herbal Supplement for Muscle Building

Herbal Supplement for Muscle Building

Thrive is a herbal supplement for muscle building. This herbal blend increases body mass and is suitable for people who’ve lost weight due to illness. It is also popular in the body-building community.

What does Thrive do?

  • Helps build muscle
  • Aids in weight gain due to illness / hyperthyroidism
  • Has health tonic and antimicrobial benefits
  • Improves energy levels

Vegan Friendly
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Herbal Supplement for Muscle Building
50ml Drops
R 152.00

Thrive can be used for:

Build Muscle Mass

Weak Muscles

Gaining Weight

Improving Body Strength

Overactive Thyroid

Muscle Waste

Weight Gain Due to Illness

Health Tonic

Improving Energy

Recommended use:
Adults: 8 to 15 drops taken 3 times daily in 10ml of water or under the tongue.

Contra Indications: Not to be taken during pregnancy. Patients with a hypersensitivity to any of the plant species or ingredients.

Kigelia Africana
Alcohol and Water Extracts
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