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Kigelia Cream

Kigelia Cream

Kigelia Cream is made from the African Sausage Tree and is a natural skincare product that treats and improves skin conditions and skin problems.

What does Kigelia cream do?

• Used for skin cancer
• For sun damaged skin
• Improves skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema
• Tones the skin

Vegan Friendly
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Kigelia Cream can be used for:

Skin Cancer




Skin Pigmentation

Sun-damaged Skin


Fungal infections




Skin Toning

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Twice daily, apply to affected area and rub in well.
Kigelia Cream Uses:
Kigelia contains Lapachol, a phyto-chemical which is known to have anti-cancer properties and is used therapeutically for this purpose. It is a natural remedy that assists in the reduction of skin pigmentation, blemishes, keratosis, skin ulcers and sores.
Free of Parabens* (synthetic harmful or potentially cancer-causing chemicals commonly used as preservatives in most cosmetic products). Read about the dangers of parabens.
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Kigelia Africana - The African Sausage Tree - What Is It?

Kigelia Africana (The African Sausage Tree) is a fruit found in most of sub-Saharan Africa.

Kigelia Africana has traditionally been used for restoring, not only the elasticity that determines the shape and feel of the breasts, buttocks and upper arms, but the whole body in general. Toning occurs in as little as 4 weeks - results previously gained only from invasive surgical procedures.

Kigelia Cream To Help Treat Skin Cancer

As if toning properties are not enough, Kigelia has an astonishing effect on melanomas and sun damaged skin (solar keratosis) on the hands, arms, neck and face.

In its early stages the progress of skin cancer can be halted by applying Kigelia cream twice a day to the affected areas. This normally takes approximately 3 to 4 months to remove the most stubborn spots.

Although, very deeply routed keratinous spots (that are a result of many years under the ravaging African sun), have been known to take as long as 2 years to disappear.

The progress of advanced skin cancer can similarly be halted. With continuous use, the cream will reduce and even remove the marks left from the ravages of skin cancer. The best thing to do, is to prevent sun damage and to apply Kigelia cream before going outdoors.

Laboratory research further proved that Kigelia helps in the treatment of fungal infections, psoriasis, eczema, pimples, and skin problems in general.

The Tonga women of the Zambezi Valley regularly apply Kigelia to their faces to ensure a blemish-free complexion.

The National Geographic magazine reported on a study in Britain in 1995 and indicated that a laboratory experiment eliminated melanoma cells with the use of an extract from the fruit of Kigelia.

Although several attempts to isolate and identify the active components have been a difficult and debatable issue to science, the combinations of these major compounds do have a destructive effect on melanoma cells.

Dr Peter Houghton, a biochemist of Kings College in London has worked on the Kigelia extract and has quoted that the product is “active against various cancer lines and melanoma cells”.

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