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MMS Bath Drops

MMS Drops

MMS Bath Drops is a natural bath disinfectant for the body.

MMS bath drops is made from Chlorine Dioxide and is absorbed through the skin and not taken orally.

What does MMS Bath Drops do?

• Effectively kills viruses, bacteria and fungi
• Ideal for rashes, cold sores, dermatitis and eczema
• Beneficial for skin cancer sufferers
• Handles many many skin related problems

Vegan Friendly
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MMS Bath Drops can be used for:

Bacterial Infections




Skin Cancer

Skin Problems

Thrush / Candida

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CAUTION: Do not use if pregnant or lactating.
For children, senior citizens, diabetics, high blood pressure and chronic illness, start with less drops.
Discontinue or stop after 6 weeks, maximum of 2 baths per week.
Directions for Use:
1. Mix 10 to 15 drops in a dry glass for a footbath or 20 to 25 drops in a dry glass for a bath.
2. Swirl mixture of MMS and equal drops of citric acid and allow to mix for 1 minute. Do not inhale sharply.
3. Apply to ready water.
4. Keep your feet in a footbath for up to 40 minutes or enjoy your bath for up to 40 minutes.
Do not use for longer than 6 weeks at a time. When itchy, discontinue.
How Does MMS Bath Drops Work?

When using the MMS Bath drops, your full skin surface will be in contact with Cl02 gas for 20 to 30 minutes.

Using MMS drops in your bath will allow the solution to seep through the skin and directly to the blood plasma resulting in a greater circulation of solution. And with a greater circulation of Chlorine Dioxide, a greater and more rapid increase of benefits.

By soaking for 20 minutes in tub of water containing activated MMS drops, enables the cleansing of pathogens that are on or just under the skin surface. Cleansing at these outer levels seems to avoid overloading the internal elimination systems.

Bacteria and pathogens on or below the skin level are killed by the MMS drops. The dead pathogens mostly move outward through the skin and float away rather than being adrift in the blood stream.

MMS Bath Drops Assist With The Following Skin Diseases

Acne Pustular + Actinic Keratosis + Addisons Disease + Athlete's Foot + Bacterial + Vaginosis + Barcinoma-Basil Cell + Basil Carcinoma + Black Heel + Boils + Candida Groin + Candida Infection + Carbuncles + Chiggers + Clark's Nerves + Cold Sores + Cysts + Dandruff + Dermatitis + Diaper Dermatitis + Eczema + Genital Ulcers + Grover's Disease + Hand Foot Mouth + Heat Rash + Hives + Hydrocystoma + Impetigo + Insect Bites + Irritant Dermatitis + Jock Itch + Leprosy + Lice + Lichen Schlerosis + Lichen Simplex + Lupus Acute + Lyme Disease + Melanoma + Milroy Disease + Mites + Monkey Pox + Morgellons + Nail Fungus + Nevus Anemicus + Open Sores + Pellagra + Poison Ivy/Oak + Pre-skin Cancer + Psoriasis + Red Ant Bites + Ring Worm + Rosacea + Scabies + Shingles + Skin Lupus + Skin Moles + Small Pox + Staph Infection + Sun Burn/spots + Sunburn + Syphilis + Ticks + Vitilligo + Warts

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50ml or 100ml
180.00 R
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