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Moringa Whey Protein Shake

Moringa Whey Protein Shake Supplement

Moringa Whey Protein Shake is a nutritious supplement drink combining Moringa and whey protein in one. It provides the benefits of both the powerful nutrient content of Moringa and the body's needed protein intake from whey.

What does Moringa Whey Protein Shake do?

• Has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and detoxifying properties
• Improves energy levels and physical performance

• Helps with weight problems
• Enhances skin condition
• Improves general health

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600g or 1.2Kg
Chocolate or Vanilla
258.00 R(VAT incl.)

Moringa Whey Protein Shake can be used for:

Illness Recovery

Nursing Mothers


Children's Health


Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Muscle Building

General Health

Enhanced Lactation

Skin Problems

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The Moringa shake is the only supplement shake I recommend to my clients and use myself. Since using the Moringa shake as a nutritional supplement I have found my energy levels have improved, my lean mass has increased and my skin is in better condition. I have also noted that one of my clients who was battling with gout in his foot has not had a problem since using the Moringa shake. Women clients using the shake have all reported better skin and loss in body fat (obviously eating clean too). In a multi-billion dollar industry where big companies use big budgets and clever marketing tactics, I believe I have found the best all round supplement in the Moringa shake.   Stephen - Personal Trainer
Why Use Moringa Whey Protein Shake?

Using Moringa regularly and on a daily basis can improve your health markedly as proven by scientific research. It is a supplement used by thousands due to its medicinal properties.

Your body needs protein daily to help with body tissue, bone, body structure and organ function. Protein is your body's basic building block and lacking it you will experience such things as growth problems, muscle tissue wastage and shrinkage, swollen belly and legs, weak immune system and more.

Moringa supplement drink has been created as a very nutritious health shake that can be mixed with milk. It is made from the rich nutrient Moringa leaf with added whey protein and comes in tasty chocolate or vanilla flavours.

It is highly recommend using moringa whey protein shake as part of your daily diet or to help rebuild your body’s systems during or after illness. It is perfect as a snack or a healthy meal replacement. Moringa shake is ideal for people training and needing lots of energy, nursing mothers, or for people recovering from illness.

I used to get headaches from dehydration very very easily. It'd be enough if I missed a meal or ate too late, or if I didn't drink enough. It would come too easy and when I notice it it is too late and I would have it for 2 days before it runs out. Since I've been taking the Moringa protein shake I did not have headache once even though I was in circumstances where I would normally get it.  Such as missing meals, or being in the sun and not getting enough water, etc. I feel that the nutrients in the moringa powder fixed up certain deficiencies that were the major cause for the easy-come headaches. I am so happy without those!   Natalia
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600g or 1.2Kg
Chocolate or Vanilla
258.00 R(VAT incl.)
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