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Our Selection of Natural Health Products

We have a great selection of natural health products made from high quality natural ingredients. Our range of health products are designed to help you lead a healthy lifestyle, mentally, as well as physically, and include a selection of natural health supplements and skin creams.

Please take advantage of our natural health products to improve your health, and if you need some help in choosing what you need - let us know.

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4 Allergies

Herbal Allergy Medicine

50ml Tincture

122.00 R Add

4 Pain Spray

Herbal Pain Relief Spray


95.00 R Add

Adrenal Repair

Adrenal Fatigue Supplement

150 Capsules

252.00 R Add

Aloe Ferox Juice

1ltr Juice

166.00 R Add
236.00 R Add


Herbal Supplement for Male Sexual Performance

30 Capsules

78.00 R Add

Amino HGH

Natural Human Growth Hormone Supplement

180 Capsules

344.00 R Add

Anti Arthritis

Herbal Remedy for Arthritis

30ml Tincture

94.00 R Add

Anti Asthma

Herbal Remedy for Asthma

30ml Tincture

105.00 R Add

Anti Diabetes

Herbal Remedy for Diabetes

30ml Tincture

112.00 R Add


Herbal Medicine for Arthritis

50ml Tincture

102.00 R Add


Arthritis Spray


88.00 R Add

Arthritis Health Pack

Immunity Booster, Anti Arthritis, Arth-Right Spray

SAVE R30.00

327.00 R Add

Astra Viral Aid

Antiviral Supplement

60 Capsules or 50ml Drops

120.00 R Add

Bio Energy

Herbal Supplement for Energy and Stamina

30ml Tincture

94.00 R Add


Asthma Herbal Treatment

50ml Tincture

114.00 R Add

Calm Cal Mag

Cal Mag - Calcium Magnesium Supplement

200g Powder

130.00 R Add


Herbal Supplement for Stress and Anxiety

50ml Tincture

114.00 R Add

CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Pathogenic Micro-organism Oxidizer

50ml or 100ml

180.00 R Add

Colds and Flu Health Pack

Immunity Booster, Astra Viral Aid

SAVE R20.00

275.00 R Add

Digestive Tonic

Herbal Remedy for Digestive System

60 Capsules

103.00 R Add

DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide + Clove Oil

Natural Pain Relief Spray


199.00 R Add


Herbal Remedy for Epilepsy

60 Capsules

110.00 R Add


Herbal Treatment for PMS

60 Capsules

111.00 R Add

Flu Drops

Herbal Medicine for Colds and Flu

50ml Tincture

92.00 R Add
170.00 R Add

Herpes X

Herbal Medicine for Herpes

50ml Tincture

92.00 R Add

Hi Blood

Herbal Medicine for Hypertension

50ml Tincture

122.00 R Add

HIV / AIDS Health Pack

Impi, Pride

SAVE R20.00

231.00 R Add


Herbal Remedy for Hypertension

60 Capsules

106.00 R Add

Immunity Booster

Immune Booster Supplement

150g Powder (plus 50% extra free)

175.00 R Add


Herbal Immune Booster

60 Capsules

138.00 R Add
145.00 R Add

Less Sugar

Herbal Diabetes Treatment

50ml Tincture

122.00 R Add

Lung Repair

Herbal Medicine for Lungs

50ml Tincture

105.00 R Add


Herbal Remedy for Cancers, Cysts and Tumours

30ml Tincture

119.00 R Add

Maxi Mind

Brain Booster Supplement

150g Powder or 120 Capsules

175.00 R Add

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement

Natural Body Oxygenator

50 capsules

180.00 R Add

Moringa Capsules

90 or 150 Capsules

135.00 R Add

Moringa Extract

100ml Liquid Extract

250.00 R Add

Moringa Powder

125g or 250g Powder

139.00 R Add
180.00 R Add

Moringa Tea

Rooibos & Moringa Tea

20 or 40 Bags

59.00 R Add

Moringa Whey Protein Shake

600g or 1.2kg

Chocolate or Vanilla

239.00 R Add

Muscle Building Aid

Herbal Supplement for Muscle Gain

30ml Tincture

93.00 R Add


Multi Vitamin Supplement

60 Capsules

140.00 R Add


Antibiotic Herbal Medicine

50ml Tincture

92.00 R Add

Natural Antibiotic+

Herbal Antibiotic

30ml Tincture

94.00 R Add

Natural Whey Protein

454g Powder

245.00 R Add

On & On!

Herbal Ointment for Male Sexual Performance

20ml Ointment

78.00 R Add

On The Go

Herbal Medicine for Energy

50ml Tincture

92.00 R Add


Herbal Ointment for Female Sexual Performance

20ml Ointment

78.00 R Add

Pain No More

Herbal Medicine for Pain Relief

50ml Tincture

102.00 R Add

Pain Rub

Herbal Pain Relief Ointment

20ml Ointment

78.00 R Add

Pepper Bark

Herbal Treatment for Infections

50ml Tincture
20ml Gel

102.00 R Add

Piles Away

Herbal Remedy for Haemorrhoids

60 Capsules

110.00 R Add
Piles Away Gel

Piles Away Gel

Herbal Ointment for Piles

20ml Ointment

78.00 R Add


Herbal Remedy for Stress and Anxiety

30ml Tincture

94.00 R Add


Herbal Treatment for HIV / AIDS

30ml Tincture

113.00 R Add


Antiviral Herbal Supplement

50ml Tincture

122.00 R Add


Herbal Supplement for Sleep Disorders

30 Capsules

97.00 R Add

Stress Health Pack

Calm Cal Mag, MV3000 Multi-Vit, B1

SAVE R30.00

325.00 R Add


Herbal Medicine for Tuberculosis

50ml Tincture

92.00 R Add


Herbal Supplement for Cancer, Cysts and Tumours

50ml Tincture

129.00 R Add


Herbal Supplement for Muscle Building

50ml Tincture

121.00 R Add

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 Thiamine

60 (100 mg) Capsules

85.00 R Add


Herbal Remedy for Women's Libido

30ml Tincture

86.00 R Add

Weight Loss Health Pack

Whey Protein, Aloe Weight Loss

SAVE R30.00

451.00 R Add

Wild Grape

Herbal Medicine for Menstruation

50ml Tincture

114.00 R Add
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