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Maxup Nutritional Supplements
Nutritional Supplements

Our range of HIGH QUALITY health supplements have had tremendous results on our customer's health, so we know they WORK! How do we know they work? Our customers tell us so! Those that buy our nutritional supplements come back, having bought from our special range of vitamin supplements and experiencing powerful health benefits.

Our supplements, vitamins and minerals benefit men, women and children of all ages, assisting with many health problems. Buy from our selection of nutritional health supplements and see for yourself!

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Adrenal Repair

Adrenal Fatigue Supplement

150 Capsules

268.00 R Add

Amino HGH

Natural Human Growth Hormone Supplement

180 Capsules

328.00 R Add

Anti-Stress Formula

Vitamin C, B5, B6, B2

60 or 150 Capsules

122.00 R Add

Aqua Sole

Electrolyte Trace Minerals

100ml Drops or Spray

111.00 R Add

Astra Viral Aid

Antiviral Supplement

60 Capsules or 50ml Drops

125.00 R Add

Calm Cal Mag

Cal Mag - Calcium Magnesium Supplement

200g Powder

138.00 R Add

Immunity Booster

Immune Booster Supplement

150g Powder (plus 50% extra free)

190.00 R Add

Maxi Mind

Brain Booster Supplement

150g Powder or 120 Capsules

190.00 R Add


Multi Vitamin Supplement

60 Capsules

150.00 R Add

Natural Whey Protein

454g Powder

255.00 R Add

Omega 3 & 6 Supplement

Omega 3 and 6 Oil

60 Capsules

140.00 R Add

Rawbiotics Daily Balance

General Health Probiotic

1 ltr of 500ml

125.00 R Add

Rawbiotics Gut Correct

High Strength Probiotic

1 ltr of 500ml

125.00 R Add

Rawbiotics Kids Balance

Probiotic for Kids

1 ltr of 500ml

125.00 R Add

Super B

Vitamin B Complex

50 or 100 Capsules

145.00 R Add

Vitamin B1

Vitamin B1 Thiamine

60 (100 mg) Capsules

90.00 R Add

Vitamin C Capsules

100 (1000 mg) Capsules

193.00 R Add
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