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Oxygen Therapy Products
Oxygen Therapy Products

What is Oxygen Therapy and how can it benefit you?
It has been discovered that viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites do not survive in the presence of oxygen and as a result oxygen treatment has been growing, as an alternative remedy to mainstream medical practices.

Oxygen therapy treatment has many benefits and has been used to treat AIDS and cancer patients. The treatments use oxygen to kill pathogens which cause illnesses and diseases and is a simple and inexpensive form of alternative treatment.

Care Oxygen therapy products are an alternative natural treatment of disease and illness through the use of oxygen in the body. These products can be used as an oxidizer or as a natural disinfectant to rid the body of disease and illness.

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CDS Chlorine Dioxide Solution

Pathogenic Micro-organism Oxidizer

50ml or 100ml

180.00 R Add

DMSO Dimethyl Sulfoxide + Clove Oil

Natural Pain Relief Spray


199.00 R Add

MMS Miracle Mineral Supplement

Natural Body Oxygenator

50 capsules

180.00 R Add
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