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Rawbiotics Daily: EM Probiotic Juice

Rawbiotics Daily: EM Probiotic Juice Drink

Rawbiotics Daily is a probiotic juice drink containing 100% natural and beneficial bacteria using Efficient Microbes - a completely natural groundbreaking combination of beneficial bacteria. It includes a selection of herbal extracts added to the fermentation for daily use.

What does Rawbiotics Daily do?

Inhibits potential pathogenic bacteria
Improves digestion, energy and health
Produces natural antibiotics and anti-fungals
Is a natural immune and health booster

Vegan Friendly
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General Health Probiotic

1 ltr or 500ml
135.00 R(VAT incl.)

Rawbiotics Daily Balance probiotic can be used for:

General Health

Prevent Infections

Boost Immune System

Increased Energy

Improve Digestion

Prevent Fungal Infections

Assists Protein Digestion
Balancing PH Levels
Helps Lactose Digestion
Cleans Digestive Tract
Brain Health
Aids in B-Vitamin Production

Reduce Illness

Natural Antibiotic

Balancing Gut Flora

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