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The Truth About Psychiatric Drugs and Medications

Psychiatric Drugs and Medicine Side Effects

The use of psychiatric drugs and medicine as a treatment is on the rise and has been over a past number of decades.

This rise coincides with the increased number of mental disorders or labels that have been voted in by the psychiatric profession.

Psychiatry’s Diagnostic Statistical Manual or DSM, which lists all of the mental disorders, has been growing and growing with more and more mental disorders and diseases being introduced. These disorders are not the product of medical research and discovery but simply by voting, based on nothing more than opinion and popularity.

So why is the number of mental disorders on the increase? Simple! There is money to be made from selling psychiatric drugs and the DSM is the means to do it.

The DSM has been called a “Billing Bible” by some, meaning the psychiatric profession and the pharmaceutical industry working together, inventing more and more mental diseases that can be used to create psychiatric drugs for. Or vice versa. Create a mental disorder for a drug already on the market used for one mental illness, only to be repackaged for another mental illness.


The Psychiatric And Pharmaceutical Industry Conflict Of Interest
The conflict of interest between psychiatrists and pharmaceutical companies has started to become known publicly. Instigated by concerned people and organisations about the practice of pharmaceutical companies and even some psychiatrists, the numbers of investigations that have taken place or are being investigated are increasing.

Cases where pharmaceutical companies have been paying psychiatrists to promote and push their psychiatric drugs and anti-depressants to the public have been or are being investigated by officials and in some cases huge fines levied against companies like GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for wrongdoing.

These companies were fined for a string of dishonest and criminal behaviour including hiding or not disclosing the negative and harmful effects of their psychiatric drugs. Those same psychiatric drugs that are cited to cause violent and suicidal behaviour and given to children.

Psychiatric Drugs And Medication Side Effects
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Anti Anxiety Drugs - The Facts About The Effects
Anti Depressants - The Facts About The Effects
Anti Psychotics - The Facts About The Effects
Mood Stabilizers - The Facts About The Effects
Psychiatric Drugs - The Facts About The Effects
Psychostimulants - The Facts About The Effects
Psychiatric Drugs Search Engine
Drug Side Effects
Find out the side effects of psychiatric drugs and medicines.
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