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Natural Whey Protein

Natural Whey Protein

MaXup Whey Protein is a special powdered formula protein shake for improving your body's general health. This natural whey protein powder is used to improve health, both physically and mentally.

What does Whey Protein supplement do?

Ideal for both muscle growth and fat loss
• Helps build and repair muscles
• Provides added energy
• Improves general health

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Natural Whey Protein

Natural Whey Protein

454g Powder

255.00 R Add

MaXup Natural Whey Protein can be used for:

Adrenal Exhaustion



Muscle Waste

Concentration / Focus



Fat Burning

Gout / Uric Acid

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Low Sex Drive

Muscle Building

Weigh Loss



Sagging Skin

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What Is MaXup Natural Whey Protein

MaXup natural whey protein shake is a dietary supplement made in powder form that can be used for different diet needs. You can use these protein powder shakes for weight loss or weight gain.

Whey protein shakes contain what is called essential amino acids (the individual building blocks of protein) that your body needs naturally and gets from your daily diet.  

These essential amino acids (protein building blocks) can only be obtained through food as the body cannot produce them naturally.

Foods with protein differ in amino acid make-up, which causes these proteins to also differ in the rate at which the protein can be absorbed by the body. One of the measurements of protein absorption is called Biological Value (BV) and whey protein has the highest absorption rate (BV) of 100.

That means MaXup natural whey protein powder is a highly beneficial source of protein that the body can absorb easily.

What's Different About Our Whey Protein

MaXup Whey Protein has enzymes which many other whey products don't have. To recover fast from illness you need lots of amino acids to rebuild the immune system, and when you're sick, your body makes little or no enzymes. To get the same results as MaXup whey from other whey protein, one will have to also buy enzymes.

MaXup Whey also includes hydrolised whey - which is a form of whey that doesn't need enzymes to digest. Hydrolised whey is expensive and is hardly included in other whey protein products. This makes MaXup Whey Protein supplement perfect for people who need to recover from illness - as sick people tend not to eat protein - to have readily available amino acids from the hydrolised whey for rapid recovery.

Also MaXup whey powder is 100% whey, whereas other "whey" protein products include a large amount of soya protein, of which the percentages of whey and soya aren't mentioned. Soya protein is about 10 times cheaper than whey.

Is soya protein not good? Soya protein is ok, but you only get about 30% of usable protein to convert to amino acids, whereas with whey you get 100% usage of amino acids after digestion.

Other whey in MaXup is whey isolate and whey concentrate, and they need enzymes from your digestive system or enzymes in the whey to digest it fully into amino acids - to build muscles, skin, hormones, etc. MaXup whey protein already has those enzymes to give the full benefits of the whey.

The Benefits of Using Our Natural Whey Protein Shakes

There are numerous benefits of using our high quality natural whey protein shakes as part of your regular daily diet. Taking this protein shake is most beneficial if you are always on the go and don’t stop for regular meals, or you require lots of energy. It can naturally keep your energy levels up. It's perfect for gym people wanting to build lean muscle, and when used with our Natural HGH Supplement even better results are obtained.

Protein is important to the integrity of bone, organs, and body systems at all life stages, and protein restriction has been shown to reduce growth hormone. A high protein diet using this natural whey protein will help your body to carry out basic bodily functions, boost metabolism, suppress your appetite, recover from illness and much more.

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Natural Whey Protein

Natural Whey Protein

454g Powder

255.00 R Add
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