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Write for us and have your article appear on Theta Health

We’re always open to guest posts from other writers interested in health and wellness. If you want to write for us then please complete the guest post submission form. But first follow our writing guidelines below.

We are very strict about these terms and have rejected many guest posts as the writer's guest posts / articles did not conform to these terms. So please make sure you understand them as we don’t want to waste your time.

Before you continue we don't accept the following:

  • Freelance writers representing other businesses
  • Online marketing / SEO companies
  • Writers for content farms
  • Persons wanting to include affiliate links or build SEO links for other companies

If you are not in the aforementioned, then write for us!

We do allow guest posts in the form of high quality articles and posts and welcome you to write for us. Please see the quality of our health articles and if you feel you still want to write a post or article for us, please do.

To write health articles for us, the topics we are interested in are based around natural health and wellbeing. The topic can be your choice but the article must educate our audience with practical solutions to their health and happiness. If you think you have a great article we'd be interested in then please submit it here. (Refer to our guidelines below). We prefer completed drafts, and if you’re not sure about what topic to write for us, feel free to ask.

Writer's Article Guidelines

  • Articles must be a minimum of 600 words of high quality original content.
  • Articles must not be scraped or spun (taken from and/or re-worded) from other websites. Must be your own composition although sources can be used for reference.
  • Articles must be accompanied by at least one relevant high quality photograph.
  • Include a good relevant article title.
  • Content must relate to the following: a) Natural drug-free methodologies, treatments and remedies. b) Refer to physical treatment of ailments and illnesses.
  • Include any references and sources used for the article.
  • We reserve the right to reject, edit, and remove articles or content in full or in part without explanation.
  • Once you provide us with your article or content you give us full authority over it and we reserve the right to use and/or reproduce it to fit within these terms and to disseminate and use it commercially or non-commercially.
  • You will receive a “Follow” link to your profile page and/or website as a benefit to improving your own website or profile page’s search engine ranking.
  • The website we add your follow-link to must be of similar niche to ours i.e. health and wellness and must not be what we would consider a Spammy website.
  • We reserve the right to change, delete, remove, disseminate any article provided to Theta Health
  • Articles may be used for social media and email marketing purposes to help promote Theta Health for the benefit of helping others to become healthy and happy.
  • We may change these terms at anytime without notification of doing so and whereby coming into effect immediately.
  • You understand we do not pay for article submissions and you write for us knowing you will not receive any monetary compensation.

If you are still happy to write a health article for us then please complete the Guest Post Submission Form below.

Guest Post Submission Form

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