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MMS2 Miracle Mineral Supplement

MMS² Miracle Mineral Supplement

Natural Body Oxygenator
50 Capsules
R 265.00

MMS² Miracle Mineral Supplement is a natural body oxygenator and powerful oxidizer that gets rid of illness caused by viruses and germs.

What does MMS² do?

  • Effectively kills viruses, bacteria, candida, fungi, moulds, yeast and parasites
  • Neutralizes heavy metals that cause illnesses
  • Stimulates your body's immune system
  • Eliminates biofilm

MMS² Miracle Mineral Supplement can be used for:

Skin Infections

Bacterial Infections


Chest Infections

Colds and Flu

Immune System


Viral Infections
Thrush / Candida
Organ Health
Should any extreme symptoms of nausea, dizziness, headaches and diarrhoea occur, revert to previous days dosage, do not stop, continue when better.
Directions for Use
Drink 1-5 capsules per day with at least 500ml of water each capsule, according to seriousness of case. Start off gradually.
Hi Kareen, it’s actually awesome. I have loads of energy and can really feel the benefits. I’m drinking loads of water and feeling very light because of the detox effect. I’m so glad to have found you and your site, it has really added value to me so thank you so much. I will definitely keep you updated.    Phindi - Customer

How Does MMS² Miracle Mineral Supplement Work?

Before understanding how MMS works you first have to understand a little biology. The body produces a highly effective anti-microbial solution called Hypochlorous Acid to fight infection. MMS² is CALCIUM HYPOCHLORITE and when mixed with water forms the chemical called Hypochlorous Acid. Hypochlorous Acid is the main acid naturally used by the immune system to destroy pathogens.

White blood cells release this natural oxidant to fight invading pathogens. The white blood cell (Neutrophil) surrounds pathogens and produces the oxidant, Hypochlorous Acid. Hypochlorous Acid is a biocide, meaning it kills organic material, and once Hypochlorous Acid is produced by the Neutrophil (white blood cell) it kills pathogens instantly.

The oxygen released by the hypochlorous acid is known as nascent oxygen. That means it is extra active and much more powerful than oxygen usually is, but only for a short period of time. In this case that short period of time is long enough to do the job.

A close friend was diagnosed with a 10cm mass in her uterus; she is in her late 60's and is naturally a very tiny person. The doctor went into mild panic and wanted to remove it straight away. We decided instead that she should try the alternative route first. I am a Kinesiologist and I tested using Kinesiology to see what her body wanted to use. Her protocol is MMS (currently she is on 3 tabs) once a day, Tumeric capsules twice a day, Maple Syrup and Bicarb once a day, Cell food once a day.

In the few weeks she has been on this protocol she is once again able to wee properly (the mass appeared to be blocking the flow of her urine) and the pain has gone, she is now able to push on it without any pain, she is also able to feel that it is shrinking. So I do believe we are on the right track and hopefully she will in the not to distant future be able to return to the doctor and be given the all clear. A few years ago another close friend of mine was diagnosed with a huge tumour in his lung. I put him onto MMS, Glyconutrients and Zeolite and a few months down the line the tumour had disappeared totally without any medical intervention at all. So I am a firm believer in MMS. Ruth - Kinesiologist
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