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About Us

About Theta Health

Hi, my name is Kareen and I want to welcome you to Theta Health. From an early age I found my purpose in life which was to “make people healthy and happy” and I do this through Theta Health. I've been running Theta Health since 2008 and have gained years of experience in helping my customers with their health problems. Theta Health is not just about selling natural health products, it is a whole lot more! Of course, they do play a huge part in helping people lead better healthier lives, but there is also education - education on health, living, and how to improve one’s condition for the better. The purpose of Theta Health is to provide people with a source of health and wellness products and useful information that can help and benefit them in their lives, so they can be happy and lead happy lives.

About Theta Health's Journey

About My Journey

From an early age I knew I wanted to help people and with that purpose started to study psychology, but I found something wrong with it. At first I couldn't put my finger on the problem, it took 3 years of studying it to finally realise; it didn't work! There is no science behind it. I realised I was unable to really help people with it and so abandoned it. From that point on I looked at spiritual and natural health combined, inspired by my brother - a nutrition expert. My brother developed the MAXUP supplements range after curing his own and his son's asthma, and is one of the ranges of health products I continue to promote today.

About Theta Health's Business

About My Online Health Store

Theta Health started off in 2008 as just a supplier of natural health products to other health shops around the Johannesburg area. It had no online store and was simply just me doing everything. Come forward to present time and Theta Health has developed into a busy online health store, as well as a supplier to other health and wellness businesses and natural health practitioners all over South Africa. We have a small number of dedicated and enthusiastic staff that work their butts off to help try and make South Africans healthy and happy, and of whom I am very proud to have with me.

About Theta Health's Products

About My Health Products

I supply high quality supplements and natural health products to health shops and resellers, pharmacies, fitness centres, alternative health practitioners and private individuals wanting premium products that really better health. I do not sell or promote products that are of sub-quality and of no real value to improving health. The supplements and products I sell I can personally recommend, as I use them myself - every day. I am for and promote health and wellness for individuals and provide only the best of what nature provides, that which is needed for our bodies and mind.

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