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Femina: Herbal Treatment for PMS

Femina Herbal Treatment for PMS

Femina is a PMS herbal remedy and formula made from African herbs. Made specifically for Premenstrual Syndrome this herbal treatment also assists the liver and digestive system, combats osteoporosis, increases fertility, energy and stamina. It is rich in natural vitamin A and C and minerals: calcium, iron and phosphorous.

What does Femina do?

• Reduces PMS
• Relieves Period Pains
• Reduces Excessive Bleeding and Clotting
• Alleviates symptoms of Endometriosis

Vegan Friendly
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Herbal Treatment for PMS

60 Capsules

115.00 R Add

Femina can be used for:

Premenstrual Syndrome

Period Pains

Excessive Periods Bleeding

Periods Blood Clotting


Pre-Menstrual Tension

Menstrual Problems

Menstrual Cramps

Regulate Menstrual Cycle

Swelling and Bloating

Increased Energy

Increased Fertility

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More About Femina PMS Herbal Remedy
Femina, of which is a mix of African medicinal herbs, is used for the relief of painful menstruation involving stomach cramps, tension and heavy periods.

This PMS herbal remedy treats the symptoms which present themselves during menstruation namely irritability, pain, moodiness and depression. It regulates the menstrual cycle and minimizes the discomfort caused by PMS.

With the continual use of this herbal treatment it may assist with endometriosis, a condition whereby the tissue that forms the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterine cavity causing pelvic pain, and is especially associated with menstruation.

Femina's remarkable effectiveness for period pain and tension is usually felt within the first week and is a natural way to treat period problems that helps reduce swollen and bloated areas in the body.

Other addtional benefits of this herbal treatment for PMS are that it:

1. Assists the liver and digestive system
2. Helps cleanse the body of toxins
3. Helps prevent osteoporosis by strengthening bone mass
4. Increases fertility, energy and stamina
5. Rich in natural vitamins and minerals

Femina greatly increases fertility and is highly recommended to take precautions for those that do not want to fall pregnant.

Anecdotal data refers to Femina as being effective for fibrosis, reducing swollen bloated areas and increasing the iron content in blood. It is highly recommended for elderly woman and blood donors.

Momordica Balsamina contained in Femina is rich in natural vitamins and minerals which in their natural form are easily absorbed by the system.

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Herbal Treatment for PMS

60 Capsules

115.00 R Add
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