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Moringa Products

Organic Moringa Products

What are Organic Moringa Oleifera products and how can our moringa products benefit you and your health?
The most incredible thing about Moringa is the HIGH amounts of nutritional, medicinal chemicals and compounds found in this plant, making Moringa products very beneficial for improving health.

Why Buy Our Moringa Products?
The Moringa in our products is grown in rural plantations that are specifically isolated away from polluted areas, areas that use chemicals, pesticides, etc. It is also cultivated in the exact soil type that ensures each moringa tree produces a high quality yield. Our cultivated moringa product is also scientifically tested to ensure that it is certainly at its best. This is how our Moringa products are of the best quality. Try our Moringa products below!

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150 Capsules
239.00 R
100ml Liquid Extract
197.00 R
125g or 250g Powder
120.00 R
1ltr Juice
180.00 R
100ml Oil
197.00 R
Rooibos & Moringa Tea
20 or 40 Bags
63.00 R
600g or 1.2Kg
Chocolate or Vanilla
258.00 R
Some of Our Moringa Products Benefits

Moringa’s health benefits derived from several studies:

Moringa contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, potassium, iron, and protein in impressively high quantities that are easily digested and assimilated by the human body. It is also extremely rich in antioxidants, containing over 40 of these.

The plant is said to contain 539 known compounds, which, according to traditional African and Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine, can prevent up to 300 diseases or ailments!

Moringa is a strong antioxidant, anti-tumour and anti-aging substance, effective against prostrate and skin cancers. It regulates high blood pressure, anaemia, diabetes, high serum or blood cholesterol, thyroid, liver, and kidney problems.

Moringa has strong properties against inflammation and can help better rheumatism, joint pain, arthritis, oedema, and Lupus. It is effective against digestive disorders, including colitis, diarrhoea, flatulence (gas), ulcers or gastritis.

As an anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral agent; Moringa is effective against urinary tract infection, typhoid, syphilis, dental cavities and toothaches, fungus, thrush, the common cold, Epstein-Barr Virus, Herpes-Simplex, HIV/AIDS, warts, parasites, worms, schistosomes, and trypanosomes. As a detoxifying agent, Moringa is effective against snake and scorpion bites.

Regularly using our moringa products can give you the many benefits mentioned and improved health!

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