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Theta Health's Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials - What Our Customers Say About Our Products

You may be surprised by the fact that our online health shop doesn't sell every health product under the sun - here's the reason. We are very selective about what health products we do stock and only stock those products that show to work - either on ourselves at Theta Health or on our customers. We are not about the selling of products as our purpose; we are about improving people's health and improving peoples' abilities to be better, to be healthier, more productive and as a result, increased morale. South Africa and its people need a boost and our customer testimonials of our health products speak for themselves. We have included only a small fraction of feedback from our regular customers and you will see how our products have, and do improve people's health. We say no more except, read the testimonials for yourself.

I am a sixty year old woman, and have recently started using ADRENAL REPAIR. I cannot believe the immediate FEEL GOOD feeling I had. In the past I used to have a slump between four and five thirty every day. So much so that I would just have to lay on my bed, not sleep but just lay there. Since the first day of taking ADRENAL REPAIR, that very afternoon I thought I was imagining things, when I suddenly found that I wasn't needing to have a lay down. I left it and after speaking to a few people who have been on it for a while, they asked if I have felt a difference already, and I said I didn't think anything could work as quickly as ADRENAL REPAIR, so that is why I am sending this message so that others can also feel what I feel. It's so good, I find I have more energy, and now I am keen to try more of the range of products available. Thank you very much for this amazing product. Lois - Customer
Hi Kareen. I found Calm Calmag one of the best supplements that my son has taken! It has helped his concentration dramatically and has clearly made it easier for him to self-regulate his behaviour. We've been using it for the last year. My son, was on Ritalin in Grade 2, much to our disappointment. We decided to take him off at the end of that year because we were really uncomfortable with the inconclusive long-term effects of the drug. Calm was recommended to us by a friend who has a local health shop. The effects have been amazing!  He completed Grade 3, only taking organic supplements (including CALM) and obtained an academic top-achiever book prize. I will definitely be ordering again soon! Janet - Customer
Hi Kareen, just a few words to confirm that your Anti Diabetes herbal remedy works fantastically well. I had been diagnosed by my GP as a type 2 diabetic and was on Glucophage for approximately 2 years. Since discovering your herbal remedy and using it, I have stopped the medication and my blood sugar level tests within the normal limits every morning. I am very happy with your remedy and cannot recommend it strongly enough. Joao - Customer
AMAZING MORINGA - I have being in the wellness industry for the past ten years and have experienced and sold various probiotics during this period. I always test products in the worst case scenario, myself, my family, pets, co-workers etc. My Scotty had hotspots and fungi, after putting Moringa Probiotic in his drinking water the itch stopped and he is doing fantastic. I also had a cockatiel not doing so well as a result of moving her and after giving her the Moringa Probiotic juice she is happier and healthy. My assistant arrived at work with a serious tooth infection, she took Moringa juice for 3 days and the infection started clearing. As a family we enjoy it daily for good health and prevention of illness. Sue - Customer
We train together and started taking the HGH supplement at the same time. We both hold high pressure and fast paced jobs and in-between kids and life still train a minimum of 6 times a week. As you can imagine, this consumes a lot of energy. Since taking the HGH supplement we have both found that our energy levels are better as is our endurance during training. Recovery is important when you train as frequently as we do, pushing the body to its limits daily. Our muscle recovery time is better since taking the HGH and the muscle stiffness does not last as long as it used to. For both of us, the HGH supplement has increased our training capacity substantially. We have also started doing various obstacle races which are exhaustive to say the least, after a race consisting of 20 obstacles over a distance of 10 kms, it is easy to see that the HGH aids the recovery process. On a personal note, I have noted a considerable change in my skin. Pigmentation has been an issue for me for a good while now but this seems to be improving. HGH has definitely played a role in this. Overall, so far, HGH has improved our training gains and my skin. I have also found that I sleep better. I would recommend it to anyone who trains a lot and to any lady looking to improve the quality of her skin. Larrisa and Dumi - Customers
I have always been active, but have recently suffered many setbacks including having encephalitis and breaking and displacing my coccyx and sacrum. After that I really struggled with my health and fitness as I had terrible pain and my body was not able to cope with normal life. I was tired all the time, hardly slept, got terrible “brain fog”, was stressed and  worst of all the one thing that was supposed to make me feel better; exercise, made things worse. My doctor diagnosed me as being over-stressed and depressed, but I refused to believe it. I have always had a very positive outlook and decided to look for natural remedies instead of anti-depressants. Thank heavens I found Kareen and Theta Health. I started taking Adrenal Repair, Amino HGH, Anti-Stress Formula, Aqua Sole, Moringa Capsules, Moringa Whey Protein Shake, and MV3000. I know it sounds like a lot, but I promise you I was 90% better in two weeks. I wanted a challenge so entered an 8 week weight loss challenge. Normally, with rigorous exercise and cutting down on my food intake, I would be sick with a cold or flu within the first 2 weeks. This time however, I finished the full 8 week challenge without getting sick, I actually grew stronger every week. If you have tried everything and nothing has been working for you and you have lost hope, then I have hope for you. The products that Theta Health sells REALLY work; I am a living testament of that. There are better options than anti-depressants and antibiotics out there and Kareen has all the answers for you. I hope that we can all be healthy and happy to enjoy life at its fullest. Zelna - Customer
I have a very high allergy count of 325. According to my doctor 15 is the count for normal allergies. I am deadly allergic to eggs. Also I'm allergic to maize, citrus and tropical fruit, horse hair, grass, pollen, house plants and margarine. Smoke makes it worse. The past 3 years I also suffer from Bronchial asthma especially in Winter. I drink an antihistamine every day for the past 28 years. When seasons change, I usually get sinusitis. The antihistamine made me sleepy, thirsty. I have been using 4 Allergies for about 2 weeks now and I feel much better and I have no symptoms of hay fever that I usually have at this time of year and no post nasal drip. I will definitely recommend this product. In fact I am selling it to my customers with confidence at my herbal shop. Annelie - Customer
I would like to thank you for recommending Immunity Booster to me and my family. We have experienced unbelievable results from this product. My two boys, one year old and five-year-old, they haven’t been to a Doctor since the beginning of this year, especially my five-year-old whose asthmatic, he hasn’t been sick at all. Now we are almost the end of July. You have saved me money, headaches, and sleepless nights with sick children. I will always recommend this product to everyone I know. Thank you so much. Chrissy - Customer
Hi Kareen, thank you for introducing him to both Pride and Impi. He started by losing a lot of weight, loss of appetite, diarrhoea and developed mumps behind his ears. Sometimes he was in a lot of pain and his health deteriorated. This was at the time when he started taking ARVs. Since he started taking Impi and Pride, his appetite returned and he is now able to eat normally, the diarrhoea has stopped and he is picking up weight. His health has improved significantly and my aunt is excited about his progress. Thank you again. Sibongiseni - Customer
My son was in primary school when my hubby & I were called to the school as they wanted to put my son on Ritalin as he had an attention deficiency. We then went to a health shop in Malvern and was fortunate to have met a gentleman, Alan, there who chatted to us about Maxi Mind. My hubby & I chatted as we had nothing to lose... We have never looked back. From a child who was failing, after using Maxi Mind for 2 months, he excelled in school. He used Maxi Mind right through until Matric. We noticed that he was a lot calmer & had increased his attention span. I tell everyone about this miracle product. Thanx to Maxi Mind... learning in our house was a pleasure!  Tissa - Customer
Hi Kareen, I have now been back in Mauritius since 2 weeks, after a very nice holiday in South Africa. Though we talked a couple of times on the phone while I was in RSA, I am sorry not to have been able to meet you in person, since I would  have so much liked to tell you how pleased and satisfied I am that I have been introduced to Theta Health products. I have been suffering from arthritis since beginning of 2014, with very much swollen first and middle fingers of my right hand and acute pain, preventing me from having decent night's sleep and to the point that I could no longer close my fist… As a consequence of which I had to give up golf, one of my favourite sporting activities. Right from the beginning, I have been infiltrated, prescribed  anti-inflammatory tablets, which did not do much to relieve the swelling and the pain; and cortisone, occasionally, which worked rather well while I was under treatment a few days at a time, with, however, no significant improvement in my condition to mid-December 2015. It is then that I brought the following Theta Health products, for arthritis sufferers: Immunity Booster Powder, Anti Arthritis Tincture and Arth-Right Spray. I stopped whatever I had been taking then and before and started immediately the Theta Health medication. By the end of January 2016, I could already feel a marked improvement in my condition - reduced swelling of the fingers, next to no pain and more flexibility in my right hand. At the time of writing, i.e. after a 4-month treatment now, my condition has further improved and 1) I can now close my fist nearly completely, 2) the swelling has completely disappeared, though 3) there is still slight pain in my arthritic fingers. You have kindly supplied me with 6 Immunity Booster packs, which will enable me to continue the treatment for another 3 months, having still enough supplies of the tincture and of the spray. I keep my (left hand!) fingers crossed, so that the treatment may bring me further - and why not, complete - relief of my arthritic condition. Hopefully, I will be on the golf course again! Yet again, many thanks. Yves - Customer
Hi Kareen, just wanted to compliment you and your company on the excellent and efficient service I have received from you. I have received my products today and all is in good order. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful evening. Meshelle - Customer
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