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Adrenal Repair - Best Adrenal Fatigue Supplement

Adrenal Repair: Adrenal Fatigue Supplement

Adrenal Fatigue Supplement
150 Capsules
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R 310.00

MAXUP Adrenal Repair is a combined vitamin supplement for adrenal fatigue, designed to help the adrenal glands fight the effects associated with adrenal fatigue and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

What does Adrenal Repair do?

  • Repairs adrenal damage from stress
  • Increases energy, reduces tiredness and lethargy
  • Reduces joint pain and chronic inflammation
  • Builds and restores the immune system

Vegan Friendly

Adrenal Repair can be used for:

Adrenal Exhaustion



Angina / Heart



Bacterial Infections


Chest Infections


Colds and Flu


Sugar Cravings


Energy / Fatigue

Fat Burning

Gout / Uric Acid

Immune System


Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Joint Pain

Leaky Gut Syndrome

Low Blood Pressure

Low Blood Sugar

Low Sex Drive


Muscle Waste

Post Nasal Drip

Pre Menstrual Pain

Prostate Cancer




Thyroid Problems



Watery eyes

Weight Loss

Wrinkles / Sagging Skin

Directions for use: In severe cases take 6 capsules (all in one go or split it 3 in am and 3 in pm) daily for 3 to 4 days then 3 capsules daily (all in one go or 1 each in the am, pm and evening).
Use as directed by a health care professional.
For best results use Adrenal Repair with a herbal immune booster and MAXUP MV3000 multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. Also recommended to be taken with Omega 3.
Ingredients - Per 3 Capsules
Thiamine Hcl
5 mg
41.8 mg
5 mg
5 mg
5 mg
250 mg
5 mg
5 mg
Calcium D Pantothenate
500 mg
Vitamin E
50 mg
Vitamin B12
5 mcg
Vitamin C
1000 mg
83 mg
10 mcg
I started using Adrenal Repair after my husband passed away; it helped me a lot through my mourning period and gave me extra energy. I feel excellent! I became less agitated and am in excellent health. I was in a car accident, my first in 35 years. Adrenal Repair was also the reason why it didn't affect me too badly!  I had skin cancer removed on my head. Adrenal Repair really helped me to heal faster I believe! Recently I was in for a check-up and the doctor couldn't believe I am so healthy. Heartbeat like a woman of 30! I don't use any other medication but take Adrenal Repair first thing in morning. I can't think of ever using anything else! Thanks Kareen! Ina - Customer

What Causes Adrenal Fatigue and What Are The Symptoms?

The adrenal glands are situated on top of the kidneys that look like hats and produce the hormone we call adrenalin. This hormone helps the body cope with and respond to high amounts of stress. The Adrenal Cortex (outer part of the adrenal gland) produces the cortisone hormones. Cortisol helps regulate your body's metabolism and its response to stress. Aldosterone helps control blood pressure.

One of the main functions of the adrenals is dealing with stress (physical and emotional stress) through the production of several hormones. There are many types of stress that affect the adrenal glands causing adrenal fatigue; such as — work stress, people with bad attitudes, drugs, medications, illness, pain, surgery, eating junk food, starvation diets, giving birth, and many more.

When the adrenal glands are not functioning normally, are burnt out or become fatigued, a number of health problems can occur such as; weight gain, obesity, arthritis, joint pains, gout, chronic fatigue, feeling tired all the time, asthma, allergies, skin problems (such as eczema and psoriasis), low blood pressure, low sex drive and early aging to name a few.

What Adrenal Fatigue Treatment Options Do You Have?

The usual treatment of adrenal fatigue for these common health problems are cortisone creams, injections or medication which has cortisone as a base ingredient. If used orally they can have side-effects of hyperglycaemia, insulin resistance, diabetes, osteoporosis, anxiety, depression, amenorrhoea (abnormal absence of menstruation), cataracts and glaucoma, as well as other health problems.

MAXUP Adrenal Repair - Our Best Supplement For Adrenal Fatigue

Using adrenal fatigue supplements to help treat the adrenal glands can be very beneficial in improving adrenal burnout or exhaustion, naturally. The adrenal glands produce cortisone naturally but need certain vitamins and minerals in exact ratio to do so. If you want a good treatment for adrenal fatigue, MAXUP Adrenal Repair has been developed specifically as an adrenal fatigue supplement containing the correct levels of vitamins and minerals that will help with adrenal exhaustion.

MAXUP Adrenal Repair is one of the best treatments for adrenal fatigue with its exact formulation of vitamins, minerals and herbs that feed the adrenals to reduce adrenal fatigue symptoms. Using MAXUP Adrenal Repair is most beneficial as you don't have to buy many supplements and work out the exact quantities needed: Adrenal Repair is an ALL-IN-ONE supplement and is one of the best adrenal fatigue supplements as attested by many users.

I am a sixty year old woman and have recently started using ADRENAL REPAIR. I cannot believe the immediate FEEL GOOD feeling I had. In the past I used to have a slump between four and five thirty every day. So much so that I would just have to lay on my bed, not sleep but just lay there. Since the first day of taking ADRENAL REPAIR, that very afternoon I thought I was imagining things, when I suddenly found that I wasn't needing to have a lay down. I left it and after speaking to a few people who have been on it for a while, they asked if I have felt a difference already, and I said I didn't think anything could work as quickly as ADRENAL REPAIR, so that is why I am sending this message so that others can also feel what I feel. It's so good, I find I have more energy, and now I am keen to try more of the range of products available. Thank you very much for this amazing product. Lois - Customer
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