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HGH Human Growth Hormone Supplement

All Natural Amino HGH Supplement

Natural Human Growth Hormone Supplement
150 Capsules
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R 305.00

Amino HGH Supplement is a natural amino acid and vitamin formula that helps to trigger the release of your own body's human growth hormone.

What does Amino HGH Supplement do?

  • Helps the body produce new cells and tissues
  • Increase collagen production and improves the skin
  • Enhances stamina, endurance and performance
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Helps overcome impotence and increases virility
  • Improves concentration and energy levels

Vegan Friendly

Amino Human Growth Hormone Supplement can be used for:

Energy / Stamina

Weight Loss


Hair, Skin and Nails

Stronger Bones

Memory and Focus

Immune System

Improved Sleep

Better Vision

Faster Metabolism

Lowered Cholesterol

Better Mood

Mental Sharpness

Improved Sex Drive

Youthful Appearance

Recommended Usage: Take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules before bed. You can work up to 4 to 6 capsules twice a day.
This product is most effective when taken twice a day. The benefits will be felt as the HGH builds up naturally in the system.
(Note: Absorption is maximised when consumed 2-3 hours after meals or on an empty stomach).
WARNING: Not recommended while pregnant or breast feeding. Consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.
Allergens: no wheat, eggs, peanuts, rye, shellfish, gluten, milk/dairy, soy, barley, oats.
Ingredients - Per 6 Capsules
1200 mg
Vitamin B5
29 mg
Vitamin B2
29 mg
600 mg
Vitamin B6
29 mg
Vitamin B3
196 mg
600 mg
Vitamin B12
2 mg
Magnesium Oxide
115 mg
Vitamin B1
29 mg
Vitamin C
173 mg
Dear Kareen, ever since you introduced me to HGH I have watched my body transform in an amazing way. I am in my forties and had noticed sagging muscles even with exercise as well the dreaded appearance of wrinkles. Now my muscle tone has improved and I am motivated to exercise even more because HGH is accelerating my results. The fine lines on my face have disappeared completely and I look younger than I did before using HGH. I make sure I eat well and that my last meal of the day is early so that I do not go to bed without taking HGH. Thank you Kareen for HGH, I love what it has done for my body. Sibongiseni - Customer

How Does MAXUP Natural HGH Supplement Work?

MAXUP Amino HGH Supplement is an ultra HIGH DOSE of the amino acids L-Arginine, L-Lysine and L-Ornithine. It is a specially designed amino acid and vitamin formula created for best absorption by the body. In effect, this formulation of amino acids triggers the release of your natural HGH (Human Growth Hormone) in the body.

MAXUP Human Growth Hormone supplement is an ALL NATURAL product designed to kick-start your pituitary gland and encourage your body to safely and naturally restore the HGH levels of your youth. We say "youth" because human growth hormone has been recognised as an ANTI-AGING hormone because of its affect on the production of COLLAGEN. HGH increases the bodies collagen production, resulting in FIRMER more pliable skin.

How Effective Is MAXUP Human Growth Hormone Supplement?

MAXUP HGH supplement has been used by many for various health conditions as it promotes wound and body healing by accelerating the body's healing process. It is extremely beneficial for people recovering from injury or operation and has been used by doctors for their patients as well as sports enthusiasts in recovery. Sportsmen and women have felt a marked increase in energy and vitality from using MAXUP natural HGH supplement and has helped them to greatly improve their sports performance. This growth hormone supplement also helps stimulate the immune system for the prevention of disease and illness.

MAXUP HGH supplement is most effective when taken twice a day and the benefits will be felt as your own body's growth hormone builds up naturally in the system. Within as little as 2 to 3 weeks you can expect to feel the anti-aging effects as this formulation begins to work - kick-starting your pituitary gland to release more HGH - encouraging your body to safely and naturally restore your own growth hormone to more youthful levels.

Many customers say they begin experiencing results like sleeping better and increased energy in as little as 2 to 3 weeks. Using MAXUP HGH supplement for 3 months you can experience its full effects and results. Results will vary depending on your body's existing levels of HGH when you start. So for instance, people who have very low levels of natural HGH in their body will experience more immediate results with MAXUP HGH supplement than those with higher levels of HGH.

I must say this product only started doing its job in the last week or so. I feel more energised and what I've also noticed is that I sleep more deeply than ever before. I used to have disturbed sleep by waking up 3 to 4 times during the night. Now, for the last week, it helped me slept like a baby. Awesome product!   Morne - Customer
We train together and started taking the HGH supplement at the same time. We both hold high pressure and fast paced jobs and in-between kids and life still train a minimum of 6 times a week. As you can imagine, this consumes a lot of energy. Since taking the HGH supplement we have both found that our energy levels are better as is our endurance during training. Recovery is important when you train as frequently as we do, pushing the body to its limits daily. Our muscle recovery time is better since taking the HGH and the muscle stiffness does not last as long as it used to. For both of us, the HGH supplement has increased our training capacity substantially. We have also started doing various obstacle races which are exhaustive to say the least, after a race consisting of 20 obstacles over a distance of 10 kms, it is easy to see that the HGH aids the recovery process. On a personal note, I have noted a considerable change in my skin. Pigmentation has been an issue for me for a good while now but this seems to be improving. HGH has definitely played a role in this. Overall, so far, HGH has improved our training gains and my skin. I have also found that I sleep better. I would recommend it to anyone who trains a lot and to any lady looking to improve the quality of her skin. Larrisa and Dumi - Customers
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